$200 Furniture of America Aguil Faux Leather Adjustable Gaming Chair Home Kitchen Furniture paperfangs.com,Aguil,America,Furniture,Chair,Adjustable,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Faux,of,Leather,Gaming,/Anoplonemertini4747960.html,$200 $200 Furniture of America Aguil Faux Leather Adjustable Gaming Chair Home Kitchen Furniture Furniture of America Aguil Faux Leather Adjustable Gaming Chair High material paperfangs.com,Aguil,America,Furniture,Chair,Adjustable,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Faux,of,Leather,Gaming,/Anoplonemertini4747960.html,$200 Furniture of America Aguil Faux Leather Adjustable Gaming Chair High material

Furniture of America Aguil Faux Leather Adjustable Max 50% OFF Gaming Chair High material

Furniture of America Aguil Faux Leather Adjustable Gaming Chair


Furniture of America Aguil Faux Leather Adjustable Gaming Chair

Product description

From gaming chair to executive office chair, this racecar-inspired swivel seat is your home office solution. A high back with a chevron design moves into a diamond stitch pattern down to the seat. The welted wing accents match the stitch color for a custom look. You'll also find the reclining back, height-adjustable seat, and height-adjustable armrests to be useful functions of the faux leather black and brown chair.

Features :

Includes: One (1) Gaming Chair
Style: Contemporary
Finish: Black, Brown
Materials: Faux Leather, Iron
Adjustable arm rests
Diamond stitching on the seat and back add a luxe look
Pop of color along the sides and stitching for contrast
Seat thickness: 4".

Specifications :

Product Dimensions : 27"W x 23"D x 49-52"H
Seat Height : 18.5-21"H
Back Dimensions : 20"W x 33"H
Product Weight : 52 lbs
Weight Capacity : 260 lbs
Assembly Required : Yes
Warranty Description : 90-Day Manufacture Limited Replacement Parts Warranty.

Furniture of America Aguil Faux Leather Adjustable Gaming Chair

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