Wood Carving Hand Chisel Tools Professional Go Free Shipping New Woodworking Steel Steel,/Anoplonemertini5024360.html,paperfangs.com,Wood,Tools,Carving,$38,Woodworking,Professional,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Hand,Chisel,Go Wood Carving Hand Chisel Tools Professional Go Free Shipping New Woodworking Steel Steel,/Anoplonemertini5024360.html,paperfangs.com,Wood,Tools,Carving,$38,Woodworking,Professional,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Hand,Chisel,Go $38 Wood Carving Hand Chisel Tools Professional Woodworking Steel Go Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $38 Wood Carving Hand Chisel Tools Professional Woodworking Steel Go Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Wood Carving Hand Special Campaign Chisel Tools Professional Go Free Shipping New Woodworking Steel

Wood Carving Hand Chisel Tools Professional Woodworking Steel Go


Wood Carving Hand Chisel Tools Professional Woodworking Steel Go

Product description


Skew Chisel:12mm

Curved Gouge:12mmamp;19mm

Straight Chisel:6mmamp;13mm

Inner round Chisel:6mmamp;10mm

V-Straight Parting:14mmamp;16mm

Arc Chisel: 16mm amp;18mmamp;25m

Material: manganese steel

Note: This set of products is only rough grinding, need their own fine grinding blade. Metallographic sandpaper can be used to grind the knife head to avoid touching water and oil.


Full-featured: The product suite is equipped with 12 pieces of carving chisel of different specifications, which can meet different needs and is easy to carry.

Material of chisel: The new chromium vanadium steel is adopted with stronger hardness, high compressive strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and good stability.

Handle Material: Made of high-quality hardwood, comfortable grip, beautiful shape, not easy to deform.

Precision connection: The chisel body and the handle are precisely connected, which is not easy to fall off and has longer service life.

Application: It is suitable for wood carving, wood carving, root carving, furniture carving and other aspects. It can be used by beginners and skilled people.

Package Included:

12 pcs Chisel Tool

Wood Carving Hand Chisel Tools Professional Woodworking Steel Go

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