Musical Instruments , Ukuleles, Mandolins Banjos,Ukulele,Mahogany,,Hawaiian,Mini,Inch,Ukulele,/Anoplonemertini5024860.html,Strings,23,4,$123,Concert Ukulele 23 Inch Concert 4 Strings Mini Denver Mall Hawaiian Mahogany $123 Ukulele 23 Inch Concert Ukulele 4 Strings Hawaiian Mahogany Mini Musical Instruments Ukuleles, Mandolins Banjos Ukulele 23 Inch Concert 4 Strings Mini Denver Mall Hawaiian Mahogany $123 Ukulele 23 Inch Concert Ukulele 4 Strings Hawaiian Mahogany Mini Musical Instruments Ukuleles, Mandolins Banjos Musical Instruments , Ukuleles, Mandolins Banjos,Ukulele,Mahogany,,Hawaiian,Mini,Inch,Ukulele,/Anoplonemertini5024860.html,Strings,23,4,$123,Concert

Ukulele 23 Inch Concert 4 Strings Mini Denver Mall Denver Mall Hawaiian Mahogany

Ukulele 23 Inch Concert Ukulele 4 Strings Hawaiian Mahogany Mini


Ukulele 23 Inch Concert Ukulele 4 Strings Hawaiian Mahogany Mini

Product description

Ukulele is made of high-quality materials, whether you are playing solo, playing or singing with friends, it can provide a bright and unique sound. The environmentally friendly design makes it your favorite musical instrument.
This ukulele has outstanding resonance, durability and a comfortable feel.
The pattern on ukelele is very exquisite and beautiful.
Model: Concert Ukulele
Neck : Okoume
Fretboard: Rosewood
Nut and Saddle:Bone
Strings : Aquila Origin from Italy
String Attachment : Body Through
Machine Head:Chrome and Sealed
Finish:Nature Matte
Back and Side: Mahogany
colour:Wood color
size: 600*180*60mm
Package Contents:
1 * Ukulele
Only the above package content, other products are not included.
Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.
Everyone can play-children or adults, novices or professionals, Ukulele is suitable for anyone who is starting to play an instrument. Ukulele and starter bag are the best choices.

Ukulele 23 Inch Concert Ukulele 4 Strings Hawaiian Mahogany Mini

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