Nander,Rainbow,$28,Soft,/Leisten4747890.html,3PCS,,Wraps,Bath,Comf,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Unicorn,Towel,Butterfly $28 Nander Rainbow Unicorn Butterfly Bath Towel Wraps 3PCS Soft Comf Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $28 Nander Rainbow Unicorn Butterfly Bath Towel Wraps 3PCS Soft Comf Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Nander Rainbow Unicorn Butterfly Bath Comf Ranking TOP18 Wraps 3PCS Towel Soft Nander,Rainbow,$28,Soft,/Leisten4747890.html,3PCS,,Wraps,Bath,Comf,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Unicorn,Towel,Butterfly Nander Rainbow Unicorn Butterfly Bath Comf Ranking TOP18 Wraps 3PCS Towel Soft

Nander Rainbow Unicorn Jacksonville Mall Butterfly Bath Comf Ranking TOP18 Wraps 3PCS Towel Soft

Nander Rainbow Unicorn Butterfly Bath Towel Wraps 3PCS Soft Comf


Nander Rainbow Unicorn Butterfly Bath Towel Wraps 3PCS Soft Comf

Product description

Material: 100% polyester
Size: Wraps bath towel : 59 x 31.5 inch,Headband: 8.7 x 5.9 inch, Dry hair cap: 25.5 x 9.8 inch


Our three-piece bath towel set includes: bath towel skirt, headband and hair dryer cap.

The bath towel is double-adjusted with Velcro and four-eye button, makes the shower wrap easy to wear , adjust velcro to fit your body.
To meet the needs of different figures,without worrying about the bath towel falling;

The width of hair band is increased, and the design of elastic band can effectively prevent the falling of long hair or wet hair;

The elastic clasp design of the dry hair cap is not only easy to hang, but also adjusts naturally according to the volume of hair, not tight.

The three-piece set is made of the same coral fleece material, with tight loops of wool and stronger absorbability for quick drying.

Our shower wrap for women has a high water absorption, it can dry your hair and body quickly, make you cozy when you get out of the shower, pool, hot tub, or for your skincare/ bathroom routine

Suitable for: daily wear, or exercise, yoga, sports and other indoor and outdoor activities

Washing instructions: machine washable and hand washable, reusable and environmentally friendly

Nander Rainbow Unicorn Butterfly Bath Towel Wraps 3PCS Soft Comf

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