$333 ASDDD Outdoor Large-Scale Trampoline with Net Trampoline Enfant, Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness ASDDD Outdoor Large-Scale Trampoline Ranking TOP11 with Enfant Net /Leisten4889990.html,Enfant,,with,Trampoline,Net,Large-Scale,$333,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,paperfangs.com,ASDDD,Outdoor,Trampoline ASDDD Outdoor Large-Scale Trampoline Ranking TOP11 with Enfant Net /Leisten4889990.html,Enfant,,with,Trampoline,Net,Large-Scale,$333,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,paperfangs.com,ASDDD,Outdoor,Trampoline $333 ASDDD Outdoor Large-Scale Trampoline with Net Trampoline Enfant, Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

ASDDD Outdoor Over item handling Large-Scale Trampoline Ranking TOP11 with Enfant Net

ASDDD Outdoor Large-Scale Trampoline with Net Trampoline Enfant,


ASDDD Outdoor Large-Scale Trampoline with Net Trampoline Enfant,

Product description

❤✪❤ Family trampoline:LBLA trampoline with safety enclosure net is very suitable for your next "family entertainment time". This recreational trampoline has a sturdy steel structure, which ensures that children can jump with the best jumping range and height to enjoy the feeling of zero gravity. A complete accessory kit and simple components: a trampoline, fence, spring cover pad, jumping pad, foam bumper and all necessary installation tools.
Trampoline can improve the coordination, blance and agility for you kids. And it can get them away from computer games.
Material: steel pipe+oxford cloth
Diameter: 130cm(51 inch)
Overall Height: 130cm
Weight Capacity: 200kg
Feet Tube: 6
Spring Quantity: 24
Jump mat is made of polypropylene, woven to prevent slipping.
Indoor amp;outdoor use providing many hours of play throughout all seasons.
With the detailed assembly instructions, you can assemble the trampoline easily.
Steel poles are durable and solid enough to serve long time.
Package Content:
❤✪❤ If you have any issue before or after purchase, please just feel free to contact us, we will provide you with 24-hour free online service friendly.

ASDDD Outdoor Large-Scale Trampoline with Net Trampoline Enfant,

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