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Loose Wave Bundles Selling security Wet And Human Weave Wavy Hair Brazili

Loose Wave Bundles Wet And Wavy Human Hair Weave Bundles Brazili


Loose Wave Bundles Wet And Wavy Human Hair Weave Bundles Brazili

Product description

Size:(4pcs) 10 12 14 16

1. Hair Material: Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair
2. Pattern: Daimer Brazilian Loose Wave
3. Weight: 100g(+/-5g)/pc, Brazilian Hair Extensions 4 Bundles A Lot
4. Hair Grade: Loose Wave 4 Bundles 7a
5. Hair Life: It Can Last More than 6 Months Under Good Care
6. Hair Length: We Have 8-28inch Available for Choice
Tips: Pls Stretch the Hair to be Straight Before Measure.

DAIMER Hair Quality:
1. 100 Real Human Hair, No Any Synthetic or Animal Hair Mixed.
2. Collect Human Hair Cut from Young Healthy Ladies Directly.
3. The Hair Is Soft and Comfortable, Smooth and Bouncy, No Any Chemical Treatment, Look Like Your Own Hair.
4. Our Hair Was Certified by Professional Inspection Organization, Good Quality.

Our Factory Has Been Engaged in Hair Business for Over 10 Years in Xuchang. Besides, We Have Pretty Strict Quality Controlling System, Mature Technology amp; Skillful Team.
You Can Fell Free to Change Your Hairstyle by Use Our Hair Extensions. It Can Bring You More Beauty and Happiness. At Party, On Travel, At Work, At Home, Etc., At Any Time and Any Place, As You Wish! Enjoy It!

Q1: Is the Hair as Thick as the Picture?
A1: Each Bundle Is 100g(+/-5g), So the Shorter, the Thicker.
Q2: How Many Bundles Need for a Full Head?
A2: For Average Head Size, We Suggested: 8-14inch Need 3 Bundles, 16-20inch Need 3 or 4 Bundles, 22-28inch Need 4 Bundles or More.
Q3: Can I Dye the Hair?
A3: You Can Dye It to Darker Color. It’s Better Let Your Professional Hairstylist to Do. Do Not Dye or Restyle the Hair Too Frequently, It Will Harm the Hair Badly.

If You Have Any Questions, Welcome to Contact Us Before You Comment, We Will Sincerely Try Best to Satisfy You.

Loose Wave Bundles Wet And Wavy Human Hair Weave Bundles Brazili

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