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GB BELTING LIMITED Max 64% OFF Replacement for Nordictrack C Max 43% OFF 2 850S 250396 P

GB BELTING LIMITED Replacement for Nordictrack C 850S 250396 2 P


GB BELTING LIMITED Replacement for Nordictrack C 850S 250396 2 P

Product description

The premium Euroglide 2 Ply belts are made from top quality lubricant infused 2 Ply material. The belt will be made from either Sandblast (orange peel effect) or Inverted Oval (scalloped effect) material. They are designed to deal with the demands of a busy Commercial Gym. The 2 ply (4 Layer) material is strong and highly flexible to reduce power consumption. The underside fabric of the belt is lubricant Infused, low friction, whisper quiet, maintenance free. This low friction combined with the flexibility of the belt results in a low and constant amp draw and minimises wear and heat build-up. The belts offer lateral stability with low stretch/elongation characteristics for ease of fitting and tracking. The material is highly conductive to dissipate static electricity. Manufacturing Time: 5 Working Days We make belts to order using state of the art materials and processes. Warranty: 12 Months 2 Ply lubricated

GB BELTING LIMITED Replacement for Nordictrack C 850S 250396 2 P

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