$227 DishyKooker Digital Keypad Gun Safe Quick Access Electronic Fire Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Special sale item DishyKooker Digital Keypad Gun Safe Access Fire Quick Electronic Special sale item DishyKooker Digital Keypad Gun Safe Access Fire Quick Electronic Electronic,/Leisten5024590.html,Quick,Fire,Keypad,paperfangs.com,Safe,Digital,Gun,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,$227,Access,DishyKooker $227 DishyKooker Digital Keypad Gun Safe Quick Access Electronic Fire Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Electronic,/Leisten5024590.html,Quick,Fire,Keypad,paperfangs.com,Safe,Digital,Gun,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,$227,Access,DishyKooker

Special sale item DishyKooker Digital Keypad Gun Safe Access Super sale period limited Fire Quick Electronic

DishyKooker Digital Keypad Gun Safe Quick Access Electronic Fire


DishyKooker Digital Keypad Gun Safe Quick Access Electronic Fire

Product description

Fingerprint Lock System Long Rifle Safe
Product Dimension
Packaging Dimension
Inner Bullet Box
Gross Weight
80.47 lb
Net Weight
68.34 lb
cold rolled steel
Lock Type
Power Source
Overall Dimensions: H54.3” x W11.8” x L11” , Inter Dimension: H54.13” x W11.61” x L8.66”.
Quick Access Digital Rifle Safe:With rapid reaction fingerprint system and can be easily programed with instructions with up to 32 fingerprints.
Bigger Deadbolts: With 7/8 inches thickness of 5 bigger steel locking bolts for home defense and security, preventing the children and others from breaking in.
Convenient Handgun Holder: With a more convenient handgun holder to storage your handgun, also a shelf space for your ammo and bullets.
Easy Installation: With pre-drilled holes, this safe is easy to mount to the ground, in closets, garages, or any other location.
Product description
Fingerprint Lock System
Product Information:
Overall size: 54.3"H x 11.8"W x 11"D
Inter Dimensions: 54.13"H x 11.61"W x 8.66"D
Gun Storage Space: 3.15 ft³
Net Weight: 68.34lbs
Rifle Storage: 4-5 rifles
Lock Type: Fingerprint rapid reaction lock system.
Bigger Deadbolts: With 7/8 inches thickness of 5 bigger steel locking bolts for home defense and security.
Package Contents:
* 1 x Gun Safe Cabinet
* 1 x Instruction
* 2 x Backup Key
* 1 x Emergency Power
* 1 x Mounting Hardware Set

DishyKooker Digital Keypad Gun Safe Quick Access Electronic Fire

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