Silicone 9X Vịbrạting Easy Strapless Remote Ranking TOP11 Strap On W /Leisten5024890.html,Strapless,,9X,Easy,W/Remote,$105,On,Strap,Vịbrạting,Silicone,Health Household , Wellness Relaxation Silicone 9X Vịbrạting Easy Strapless Remote Ranking TOP11 Strap On W $105 Silicone 9X Vịbrạting Easy Strapless Strap On W/Remote Health Household Wellness Relaxation /Leisten5024890.html,Strapless,,9X,Easy,W/Remote,$105,On,Strap,Vịbrạting,Silicone,Health Household , Wellness Relaxation $105 Silicone 9X Vịbrạting Easy Strapless Strap On W/Remote Health Household Wellness Relaxation

Silicone 9X Vịbrạting Easy Strapless Remote Ranking TOP11 Strap On National uniform free shipping W

Silicone 9X Vịbrạting Easy Strapless Strap On W/Remote


Silicone 9X Vịbrạting Easy Strapless Strap On W/Remote

Product description

Only the finest relax. With a push of the ɓụtton on the remote control, send vịbrạtion into the slender shaft and the textured bulb. The silicone remote fits easily and securely in your hand, granting access to all 9 functions.
Total length is 8.5" in length. Shaft is 5" rtable length, 1.3" at widest diameter.
Bulb is 3" rtable length, 1.5" at widest diameter.
Remote is 2.4" in length, 1.5" in width.
Material: Silicone, ABS plastic
Color: Black. Remote uses 1-CR2032 cell bat

Silicone 9X Vịbrạting Easy Strapless Strap On W/Remote

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