$109 WHEEJE European Nordic Modern Retro Aisle Chandelier, Loft Resta Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans WHEEJE San Diego Mall European Nordic Modern Retro Aisle Chandelier Loft Resta WHEEJE San Diego Mall European Nordic Modern Retro Aisle Chandelier Loft Resta Nordic,European,Retro,Loft,WHEEJE,$109,Modern,Resta,Chandelier,,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,/amblychromatic4968395.html,paperfangs.com,Aisle $109 WHEEJE European Nordic Modern Retro Aisle Chandelier, Loft Resta Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans Nordic,European,Retro,Loft,WHEEJE,$109,Modern,Resta,Chandelier,,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,/amblychromatic4968395.html,paperfangs.com,Aisle

WHEEJE San Diego OFFicial site Mall European Nordic Modern Retro Aisle Chandelier Loft Resta

WHEEJE European Nordic Modern Retro Aisle Chandelier, Loft Resta


WHEEJE European Nordic Modern Retro Aisle Chandelier, Loft Resta

Product description

Our products are cost-effective, and you can often buy good quality products at very cheap prices. If logistics is slow, please be patient and contact us in time.


There are many interesting products in our shop waiting for your excavation;

Suitable for a variety of decoration styles, different places apply. Such as Retro luxury style, retro simple style, Retro industrial style, American country style, Nordic IKEA style, mix style and so on..

Installation Tips: If necessary, please invite professional installation masters to install. Please turn off the power before installation to ensure safety.

Chandelier type: Iron chandeliers

Number of lamp heads: 2

Light body auxiliary material: wood

Color: antique

Irradiation area: 10-15 square meters

Light body main material: Iron, wood

Light source: E27*2

Light Source: Incandescent, Energy Saving, LED

Whether with light source: Without light source

Power: 31W (inclusive)-40W (inclusive)

Voltage: 111V~240V (inclusive)

Applicable space: living room, dining room, study, bedroom, clubhouse, clothing store

Style: Scandinavian retro style

I hope you are happy to browse our products

WHEEJE European Nordic Modern Retro Aisle Chandelier, Loft Resta

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