Wall,LED,Bracket,Mount,TV,Corner,3,paperfangs.com,/amblychromatic4968795.html,YJYDD,Plasma,Electronics , Television Video,Articulating,$79,LCD YJYDD Corner Articulating Selling rankings LCD LED Plasma Wall Mount 3 TV Bracket Wall,LED,Bracket,Mount,TV,Corner,3,paperfangs.com,/amblychromatic4968795.html,YJYDD,Plasma,Electronics , Television Video,Articulating,$79,LCD $79 YJYDD Corner Articulating LCD LED Plasma TV Wall Mount Bracket 3 Electronics Television Video $79 YJYDD Corner Articulating LCD LED Plasma TV Wall Mount Bracket 3 Electronics Television Video YJYDD Corner Articulating Selling rankings LCD LED Plasma Wall Mount 3 TV Bracket

YJYDD Corner Articulating Selling rankings LCD LED Plasma Wall Mount Albuquerque Mall 3 TV Bracket

YJYDD Corner Articulating LCD LED Plasma TV Wall Mount Bracket 3


YJYDD Corner Articulating LCD LED Plasma TV Wall Mount Bracket 3

Product description

Screen size 37" ~ 63"
Screen size support used as a general guideline only. Actual fit is determined by the VESA measurements and weight capacity of this mount

Tilt: -15° ~ +15° up and down
Swivel (side to side): 60°
Max hole patterns 600x400 mm
Arm extension: 4 - 20"
Support flat panel TV up to 132lbs (60kgs)
Includes all mounting hardware to install mount onto wall.
A variety of screws/hardware is included to install the TV onto the mount. They will fit 95% of all TV sets in the market. If your TV requires special screws you will need to acquire them from a hardware store

YJYDD Corner Articulating LCD LED Plasma TV Wall Mount Bracket 3

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