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Gardening Basics

In-depth information on all types of plants

  • 'Morning Light' miscanthus

  • 'Baby Moon' daffodil

  • Drumstick allium

  • 'Casa Blanca' Oriental lily

  • 'Polar Ice' rugosa rose

  • Black bamboo

  • Autumn crocus

  • 'Blue Spike' grape hyacinth

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    FUYUNDA Hunter×Hunter 3D Night Lamp Anime Anime 3D lamp 3D LED A

    Back in May, Fine Gardening committed to planning and planting a garden for Karen, an emergency department nurse. It was a small way to say thank you for the efforts…

  • Podcast: Let's Argue About Plants

    Episode 92: Favorite Plant Pairings

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Let's Argue About Plants

The podcast for people who love plants—
but not always the same ones

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Episode 92: Favorite Plant Pairings

Peas and carrots. Peanut butter and jelly. Batman and Robin. If this were Jeopardy, the correct answer would be “What are perfect pairings?” On this episode, we’re talking about two…


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