Davitu Excellent Remote Controls - LED Backlight Samsung for Strip UE49 2 Davitu Excellent Remote Controls - LED Backlight Samsung for Strip UE49 2 Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Controls,-,for,Remote,LED,Strip(2),Davitu,Samsung,/autometric4748006.html,$72,UE49,Backlight,paperfangs.com Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Controls,-,for,Remote,LED,Strip(2),Davitu,Samsung,/autometric4748006.html,$72,UE49,Backlight,paperfangs.com $72 Davitu Remote Controls - LED Backlight Strip(2) for Samsung UE49 Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $72 Davitu Remote Controls - LED Backlight Strip(2) for Samsung UE49 Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Davitu Excellent Remote Controls - 2021 spring and summer new LED Backlight Samsung for Strip UE49 2

Davitu Remote Controls - LED Backlight Strip(2) for Samsung UE49


Davitu Remote Controls - LED Backlight Strip(2) for Samsung UE49

Product description

Color:5 lot 10pcs

Attention Note:
1.match the strips shown in the photo to the originals in your TV before ordering. If you are not sure if it is compatible, you can turn on the inside of the TV, take a photo and provide it to me. Thank you very much.
2. In order to ensure the accuracy of package delivery, please check whether the address you provided is correct when purchasing. If the wrong address is provided, the package will be lost.
3. If you cannot track the package information, please contact me in time, thank you
About packaging
The packaging is made of high quality PVC pipe, which is highly protective.
(Large volume purchase requires hard paper packaging and is also very safe)
The LED Backlight Advantage
High brightness up to 700 nits
Long operating life, typically lasting over 100,000 hours
More energy saving
Wide scope of application
More environmentally friendly
Easy to Install
100% new
Strips length are fixed, can not be cut.
Size (Length): 530mm
Number of LED beads: 38
Every LED Lamp Voltage: 6V
Package includes: 1lot=2pcs LED Strip
Item specifics:
Use: TV
Certification: none
Origin: CN(Origin)
Wireless communication: IR

Davitu Remote Controls - LED Backlight Strip(2) for Samsung UE49

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