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TXXM Ceramic Cartoon Ranking TOP1 Animal New Orleans Mall Ashtray Orangutan Anti-ash Large car

TXXM Ceramic Cartoon Animal Ashtray Orangutan Anti-ash car Large


TXXM Ceramic Cartoon Animal Ashtray Orangutan Anti-ash car Large

Product description

Brand: TXXM
Do you hate ordinary ashtrays spreading ash on the table?
Do you feel sick when the curtains, clothes and furniture stinks after smoking?
If you are looking for a fashionable way to avoid ashes, the ashtray is definitely your ideal choice! This is also a unique decoration.
Size: 13.5 * 11.5 * 12.5cm
Material: Ceramic
Colour: Black
Products include: 1 *ashtray
-The colors on different monitors and screens may be slightly different
-Dimensional data is manually measured, so manual deviation will be provided
1. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will reply to you as soon as possible.
2If you are satisfied with our service, please show your objective evaluation. Hope you enjoy shopping here.

TXXM Ceramic Cartoon Animal Ashtray Orangutan Anti-ash car Large

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