$159 WGOEODI 5 Holes 1.6 Feet Bamboo Vertical Flute, with Root Woodwi Musical Instruments Wind Woodwind Instruments WGOEODI 5 Holes 1.6 Feet Bamboo Vertical with Flute Woodwi Root National products Flute,,Feet,WGOEODI,with,1.6,Root,Woodwi,5,Bamboo,/awfu4885312.html,Vertical,paperfangs.com,Holes,Musical Instruments , Wind Woodwind Instruments,$159 Flute,,Feet,WGOEODI,with,1.6,Root,Woodwi,5,Bamboo,/awfu4885312.html,Vertical,paperfangs.com,Holes,Musical Instruments , Wind Woodwind Instruments,$159 $159 WGOEODI 5 Holes 1.6 Feet Bamboo Vertical Flute, with Root Woodwi Musical Instruments Wind Woodwind Instruments WGOEODI 5 Holes 1.6 Feet Bamboo Vertical with Flute Woodwi Root National products

WGOEODI 5 Holes 1.6 Feet Bamboo Vertical with Flute Woodwi Root Don't miss the campaign National products

WGOEODI 5 Holes 1.6 Feet Bamboo Vertical Flute, with Root Woodwi


WGOEODI 5 Holes 1.6 Feet Bamboo Vertical Flute, with Root Woodwi

Product description


Product Description:
Holes: 5 holes
Main Material: Bamboo
Color: Original Brown
Tone: E Key
1. Please allow 1-2mm measurement error by hand measuring.Thanks for your consideration.
2. Due to the craftsmanship, the Picture May Not Reflect The Actual Color Of The Item. Please make sure you do not mind before ordering. Thanks.
3. Tone may different when different people play. Please make sure you do not mind before ordering. Thank you.

WGOEODI 5 Holes 1.6 Feet Bamboo Vertical Flute, with Root Woodwi

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