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Haieshop Punching Bag trust Punch Hang Sale Special Price for Boxing

Haieshop Punching Bag Punch Bag for Boxing Boxing Punch Bag Hang


Haieshop Punching Bag Punch Bag for Boxing Boxing Punch Bag Hang

Product description

Key Features:

Material: PU + oxford cloth leather


Sandbag length: 120 cm

Sandbag diameter: 33 cm

Red color

Weight: approx 2.4kg


Hollow Boxing Bunching Bag is the best boxing, kicking, martial arts and fitness training equipment that can improve your endurance, speed and accuracy. This is a good exercise tool to use at home or in the gym. This goal is to practice the punching bag (or other martial art) enthusiast

Recommended fillers:

Sawdust, wood chips, rags, old clothes, beans, etc.

Sand filling is not recommended, the sand is too hard and heavy.

Please check that the sandbag is completely closed before use.

Please do not let the children play alone, they must be accompanied by an adult

Package includes:

1 x sand print

Haieshop Punching Bag Punch Bag for Boxing Boxing Punch Bag Hang

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