/awfu5367412.html,Waterproof,Bean,$25,Landscape,paperfangs.com,Fu,Shower,Home Kitchen , Bath,Kung,Curtainanime,Polyester $25 Kung Fu Bean Shower Curtainanime Landscape Waterproof Polyester Home Kitchen Bath Kung Fu Bean Shower 2021 spring and summer new Polyester Landscape Curtainanime Waterproof /awfu5367412.html,Waterproof,Bean,$25,Landscape,paperfangs.com,Fu,Shower,Home Kitchen , Bath,Kung,Curtainanime,Polyester $25 Kung Fu Bean Shower Curtainanime Landscape Waterproof Polyester Home Kitchen Bath Kung Fu Bean Shower 2021 spring and summer new Polyester Landscape Curtainanime Waterproof

Kung specialty shop Fu Bean Shower 2021 spring and summer new Polyester Landscape Curtainanime Waterproof

Kung Fu Bean Shower Curtainanime Landscape Waterproof Polyester


Kung Fu Bean Shower Curtainanime Landscape Waterproof Polyester

Product description

Obvious Advantages:
72 Inches Wide By 72 Inches Long, Can Be Used In Any Standard Bathroom Shower Or Bathtub.
Made Of High-Quality Polyester Material, Which Can Make Your Shower Curtain More Durable And Cleaner.
When You Take A Bath, Not Only Can Protect Your Privacy But Also Ensure The Circulation Of Air.
Exquisite Design, Beautiful Appearance, Icing On The Cake For Your Bathroom, Highlighting Your Taste
Excellent Quality:
Prevent Water From Splashing Out Of The Shower.
Resistant To Environmental Fading; Retain Color After Washing.
The Soft And Comfortable Feeling Itself Can Be Used As A Simple And Low-Key Shower Curtain.
Easy To Install, Perfect For The Bathroom:
Equipped With 12 Hooks For Easy Installation.
Suitable For All Kinds Of Bathrooms.
Modern, Simple And Stylish Appearance.\r\n
With This Waterproof Shower Curtain, Your Home Will Become Clean And Fresh.
The Shower Curtain Is Non-Toxic, Environmentally Friendly, Friendly And Safe To Your Family.
Easy To Clean:
Machine Washable
Gently Wash Cold
Need To Use Mild Detergent
Do Not Bleach

Kung Fu Bean Shower Curtainanime Landscape Waterproof Polyester

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