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W. Britain's Napoleonic French 36176 French Imperial Guard 3rd R

W. Britain's Napoleonic French 36176 French Imperial Guard 3rd R

Worldwide publisher of medical and scientific contents

Publishing high-quality contents

Connecting and advancing health sciences

Keeping pace with the current developments in research and publishing

Journals can be accessed by every one for free

Serving the information needs of the scientific community

Journals are maintaining latest advancements in their respective fields

Maintaining impact of published works using article-level metrics

Editor Policy

Heighten Science trail a critical evaluation prior to selection of Editorial Board members. In order to streamline our scholarly publication and to assess the quality quotient of articles being published, we have defined certain eligibility criteria...

Open Access

Authors, editors and readers please note that all manuscripts published in Heighten Science Journals are under Creative Commons Attribution License, providing immediate and permanent access for free to all types of original works.


In this competitive global economy, we realize that Heighten Science and you can't go alone. Our mutual relationship will help you remain updated in your chosen area of interest, connect with peers and invest in your career advancement.

CrossMark Policy

CrossMark is an initiative by CrossRef to give readers quick and easy access to the current status of a piece of content. Authors can see if content has been updated, corrected or retracted and access valuable additional metadata...

Article Guidelines

This is the last step in manuscript submission process. Heighten Science Publication understands that it becomes really puzzling situation for the authors to identify the right journal for their manuscripts from the plethora of journals.

Peer Review Process

Heighten Science Publication Corporation uses Double-Blind Peer Review policy for all the journals. Under this policy both the reviewers and authors identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process.

HSPC publish a wide range of article types in the

Clinical, Medical, Biology, Engineering, Chemistry and Pharma.

Have Questions to ask?

What is unique about Heighten Science Publication?
Heighten Science Publication scholarly journals are upshots of collaborative efforts of many scientists and scholars from various disciplines. We provide high quality, meticulously reviewed and rapid publication, to cater the insistent need of researchers. All publications are promoted via social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Face book etc. The journals are published under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International License.
What is an Impact Factor (IF)?
The impact factor (IF) of a journal is a measure reflecting the average number of citations to the articles published in that journal. In any given year, the impact factor of a journal is the average number of citations received per paper published in that journal during the two preceding years.
What is meant by citation?
A citation is a reference or an entry of an intellectual work in the bibliographic references section, in order to acknowledge the relevance of the works of others to the topic of discussion at the spot where the citation appears.
When the authors' should ask for the publication charges waiver?
In order to avail a waiver or discount, the authors are advised to ask for such waiver with concrete reasons at the time of submission of manuscript only.
What are the charges for publishing a manuscript?
The publication charges for a manuscript vary consequently with the weightage and popularity of the journal. Please visit "Manuscript Processing Charges section" for more details.
What is DOI?
Heighten Science Publication facilitates Digital Objective Identifier to all the published manuscripts. Digital Objective Identifier is an accurate unique identifier for an electronic document used to cite and link the published article electronically. This facility enables researchers or readers to navigate electronically published manuscripts at a citation level irrespective to publisher or journal. The usage of Digital Objective Identifier becomes a differentiating factor as just a single click takes the reader to the appropriate content location.


Article Collections

HSPC A-Z Journals

Archives of Clinical and Experimental Orthopaedics

Editors Discount: 30%

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Heighten Science group works with the commitment and responsibility to circulate scholarly research works and journals to worldwide online audience. Our responsibility includes exploring new publishing technologies and economic models to improve access to scholarly work. We believe that wide circulation adds value to published work and inextricably mixes the right to know and the right to be known. Readmore

  • 2504 Stillwater CT, Flower Mound, Texas - 75022, USA
  • +14043820291
  • info@heighpubs.us


“It was a delightful experience publishing my manuscript with the Clinical Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. They offered me lots of opportunities I never had from most publishing houses and their prompt services are greatly appreciated.”

Akowuah Jones AsafoDepartment of Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness and Extension, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana

Your service is very good and fast reply, Also your service understand our situation and support us to publication our articles.

Ayman M Abu MustafaPalestine College of Nursing, Khan Younis, Gaza Strip, Palestine

The service is nice and the time of processing the application is fast.

Long ChingDepartment of Neurosurgery, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong

“The choice to submit the forensic case study to the Journal of Addiction Therapy and Research was dictated by the match between the content and the potential readership. The publication process proved to be expedient and we were provided with constructive feedback from reviewers. The final article layout is attractive and conforms to standards. All-in-all, it has been a rewarding process.”

Elisabeth H. WiigPh.D, Boston University Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders and Knowledge Research Institute, Inc., 2131 Reflection Bay Drive, Arlington, Texas 76013, USA

“Mobile apps and wearable technology are becoming ubiquitous in our environment.  Their integration with healthcare delivery is just beginning to take shape.  The early results are promising and the possibilities great.

Helen FiggeBS, PharmD., MBA, CPHIMS, FHIMSS, Adjunct Professor, Global Healthcare Management, MCPHS University, Chief Strategy Offi cer, MedicaSoft, Senior Advisor, National Health IT (NHIT) Collaborative for Underserved, New York HIMSS, National Liaison, Health 2.0 Boston, Past Chair, Chair Innovation, USA

You are such a nice person. Your journal co-operation is very appreciable and motivational.

Archna DhasmanaDepartment of Biotechnology, Uttaranchal college of Applied and Life Sciences, Uttaranchal University, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

Thank you very much for your support and encouragement. I am truly impressed by your tolerance and support.

Thank you very much

Nasrulla AbutalebDiaverum: PADC, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

We appreciate your approach to scholars and will encourage you to collaborate with your organization, which includes interesting and different medical journals.
With the best wishes of success, creativity and joy in life, prosperity in the medical field.

Nataliya KitseraIvano- Frankivsk National Medical University, Ukraine

I wanna to thank clinical journal of nursing care and practice for its effort to review and publish my manuscript. This is reputable journal. Thank you!

Atsedemariam AndualemWollo University, Ethiopia

"This is my first time publishing with the journal/publisher. I am impressed at the promptness of the publishing staff and the professionalism displayed. Thank you for encouraging young researchers like me!"

Adebukola AjiteEkiti State University, Nigeria

I am delighted and satisfied with. Heighten Science Publications as my manuscript was thoroughly assessed and published on time without delay. Keep up the good work.

Dr. Shuaib Kayode AremuIdo-Ekiti/Afe Babalola University, Nigeria

Submission of paper was smooth, the review process was fast. I had excellent communication and on time response from the editor.

Ayokunle DadaEkiti State University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria

"It was a pleasure to work with the editorial team of the journal on the submission of the manuscript. The team was professional, fast, and to the point".

Moran Sciamama-SaghivNC A&T State University, USA

Publishing with the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology was a rewarding experience as review process was thorough and brisk. Their visibility online is second to none as their published articles appear in all search engines. I will encourage researchers to publish with them.

Dr. Elizabeth A AwoyesukuUniversity of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, Nigeria

The editorial process was quickly done. The galley proof was sent within a week after being accepted for publication.
The editorial team was very helpful and responded promptly.

Rohit KulshresthaIndia

Thank you and your company for effective support of authors which are very much dependable on the funds gambling for science in the different countries of our huge and unpredictable world. We are doing our work and should rely on a teams like Galley Proof-HSPC. Great success to all of you for the 2019th!
Be well all the year long.

Victor V ApollonovRussia

Thank you for your attitude and support. I am sincerely grateful to you and the entire staff of the magazine for the high professionalism and fast quality work. Thank you very much!

Igor KlepikovUSA

The services of the journal were excellent. The most important thing for an author is the speed of the peer review which was really fast here. They returned in a few days and immediately replied all of my questions. I want to refer this platform to all scholars.
Many thanks.

Zehra Guchan TOPCUEastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus

We thank to the heighten science family, who speed up the publication of our article and provide every support.

Mehmet Besir

In 2017, I submitted a manuscript to the journal Archives of Biotechnology and Biomedicine belonging to Heighten Science Publications Corporation. Within one week I already received the response from the editor. All processing steps were really fast so in terms of a speedy publication I can particularly recommend the journal Archives of Biotechnology and Biomedicine. The responsible contact person of the journal was always available, which gives a trustworthy impression to the author. Also the peer review process was clear and constructive. So from my experience with Heighten Science Publications Corporation I can recommend publishing there.

Yvonne MastUniversity of Tubingen, Germany

The Journal Clinical Nephrology provides a good opportunity for readers to stay updated in the field of clinical nephrology.  Additionally - it provides a good opportunity for authors to publish their work.

  1. Publication of the accepted manuscripts is sufficiently rapid.
  2. The trust factor between the journal and me, as an author, is very important and well preserved.
  3. Peer review process very rapid and effective.  
Leonid FeldmanAssaf Harofeh Medical Center, Israel

I am to express my view that Heighten Science Publications are reliable quick even after peer review process. I hope and wish the publications will go a long way in disseminating science to many interested in scientific research.

Ajit Kumar RoyCollege of Fisheries, CAU(I), Tripura, India

Your journal has accomplished its intended mission of providing very effective and efficient goals in dealing with submissions, conducting the reviewing process and in publishing accepted manuscripts in a timely manner.  Keep up the great work and services that you provide.

John St. CyrUniversity of Jacqmar, Inc., USA

I, Muhammad Sarwar Khan, am serving as Editor on Archives of Biotechnology and Biomedicine (ABB). I submitted an editorial titled, 'Edible vaccines to combat Infectious Bursal Disease of poultry' for publication in ABB. After submitting the manuscript; the services rendered by the management and technical personnel to handle and process the manuscript were marvelous. Plagiarism report was shared with me with complements before reviewers' comments, All steps including article processing and service charges were well taken care of keeping in view the author's interest/preference. All together, it was an encouraging and wonderful experience working with ABB personnel.

Muhammad Sarwar KhanUniversity of Agriculture, Pakistan