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SOLUSTRE USB Desktop Microphone Ranking TOP9 70% OFF Outlet with Condenser Recor Metal Stand

SOLUSTRE USB Desktop Microphone with Stand Metal Condenser Recor


SOLUSTRE USB Desktop Microphone with Stand Metal Condenser Recor

Product description


The wide frequency response and large diaphragm precisely reproduces every details of your voice. Get great sound whether youâ€re recording vocals, music or even lectures.


- Color: Black.
- Response frequency: 20HZ- 20000HZ.
- SNR: gt; 78dB.
- Material: ABS.
- Size: About 5. 42X1. 77X1. 77inch 13. 80X4. 50X4. 50cm.

Package Including
1 x microphone
1 x bracket

SOLUSTRE USB Desktop Microphone with Stand Metal Condenser Recor

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