Night light 1pcs Import Aluminum Round 3 Downlight LED Dimmable Ceiling Downlight,Dimmable,3,$37,Night,/blacktail4885573.html,light,1pcs,Aluminum,Ceiling,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,,Round,LED Downlight,Dimmable,3,$37,Night,/blacktail4885573.html,light,1pcs,Aluminum,Ceiling,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,,Round,LED $37 Night light 1pcs,Aluminum Round LED Dimmable Ceiling Downlight 3 Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs Night light 1pcs Import Aluminum Round 3 Downlight LED Dimmable Ceiling $37 Night light 1pcs,Aluminum Round LED Dimmable Ceiling Downlight 3 Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs

5 popular Night light 1pcs Import Aluminum Round 3 Downlight LED Dimmable Ceiling

Night light 1pcs,Aluminum Round LED Dimmable Ceiling Downlight 3


Night light 1pcs,Aluminum Round LED Dimmable Ceiling Downlight 3

Product description

Parameters :
Model CCT
(K) Power
(W) Lumens
(LM) Size
(mm) Cut hole
(mm) Height
(mm) Beam Angle Input Voltage
YDG-20001554 2800-3000K 1X3W 180lm 68mm Ø50mm 25mm 30° AC 85~265V
YDG-20001555 4000-4500K 1X3W 180lm 68mm Ø50mm 25mm 30° AC 85~265V
YDG-20001556 6000-6500K 1X3W 180lm 68mm Ø50mm 25mm 30° AC 85~265V
CCT: WW(2800-3000K), NW(3000-3500K), CW(6000-6500K)
Luminous flux:180Lm Epistar
LED power:3W
Input voltage:AC 85~265V,DC12V, Dimmable220V, 50/60HZ
Net weight: 120g

1. Aluminum casing and high luminousness PC Lens
2. Ideal heat dissipation design
3. Wide radiation angle, huge lighting area
4. Start without delay and flicker free
5. Good color rendering
6. No UV amp; IR, No Blinking and Lead free
7. Energy saving system, saving 50% energy than the conventional Metal halide lamp, Sodium Light or HPS light

Display showrooms, Boutiques,Clothing stores,Jewelry shops, Shopping malls, Room etc.

1*LED Downlights
1*LED Drivers
We would like to find OEM/ODM project to cooperate with your company if possible.Welcome to be our next Exclusive Agent.
We can help you to design your OEMamp;ODM and any your customized lightings
Protection of your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information
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Night light 1pcs,Aluminum Round LED Dimmable Ceiling Downlight 3

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