$27 LED Retrofit Kit 2x4 FT,36W Magnetic Troffer Retrofit Kit,5000K Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs Troffer,Retrofit,paperfangs.com,Retrofit,2x4,/blacktail4885673.html,$27,FT,36W,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,Kit,5000K,Kit,Magnetic,LED LED Retrofit Kit Safety and trust 2x4 FT 5000K 36W Troffer Magnetic LED Retrofit Kit Safety and trust 2x4 FT 5000K 36W Troffer Magnetic $27 LED Retrofit Kit 2x4 FT,36W Magnetic Troffer Retrofit Kit,5000K Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs Troffer,Retrofit,paperfangs.com,Retrofit,2x4,/blacktail4885673.html,$27,FT,36W,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,Kit,5000K,Kit,Magnetic,LED

LED Retrofit Kit Safety and Max 79% OFF trust 2x4 FT 5000K 36W Troffer Magnetic

LED Retrofit Kit 2x4 FT,36W Magnetic Troffer Retrofit Kit,5000K


LED Retrofit Kit 2x4 FT,36W Magnetic Troffer Retrofit Kit,5000K

Product Description

jimwhen's LED Magnetic Qik Retrofit Kit, 4FT, 36W, 5000K, 5400 Lumens,0-10V Dimming,2 Strips without Cover

If you are thinking of replacing your old ballast for your fluorescent lighting, think no further.From now on, you can change your mind for lighting retrofit. With our jimwhen’s all new generation linear retrofit kit, you can make lighting easy. Absolutely the simplest, easiest, most efficient, most cost effective led troffer kit in America! Less than 5 minutes to install with absolutely NO TOOLS REQUIRED! Rebate friendly in 50 states!Not only save more energy and money, but also more faster and easier to install. A lighting solution you can count on!!



Wattage: 36W

Voltage: 100-277V AC

Lumen: 5400 LM

Material: AL+PC

Dimmable: Yes

CRI: gt;80(83+)

Startup Time: Instant On

With 1 Magnetic Driver and 2 Magnetic Strips

Notice: When install the magnet retrofit kit, must cut off the power to ensure personal safety.


Product Details

jimwhen's magnetic retrofit kit is made of high good quality material,you can trust our factory.We promised that our product is 100% factory made.So the led retrofit kit will wrok long time than other traditional lamps ,and you will save a lot of money and energy!!!


One set of led retrofit kit


High good quality material


0-10V Dimming LED Driver


Magnetic “U” Brackets

Four Steps And Five Minutes to Install,Quick, Easy

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2ft led retrofit kit 4ft led retrofit kit U bend tube light 2ft led tube light 4ft led tube light 2ft led nano tube light
Size 2FT 4FT 2FT 2FT 4FT 2FT
Watts 18W 54W 18W 9W 18W 9W
Color Temperature 5000K 5000K 5000K 5000K 5000K 5000K
Ballast Bypass
UL Cert

LED Retrofit Kit 2x4 FT,36W Magnetic Troffer Retrofit Kit,5000K

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