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Practical online shop Miami Mall Musical Instrument Accessories Lovers For Musican

Practical Musical Instrument Accessories For Musican Lovers For


Practical Musical Instrument Accessories For Musican Lovers For

Product description


1. Bass strap feels soft with elegant temperament and versatile colors while classic styles helps itself not to be missed.
2. Adjusted according to different needs, guitar strap's adjustable length can meet your different needs.
3. Improved for more durability, musical instrument strap keeps exquisite craftsmanship, light and practical.
4. Made of leather material in high quality, such guitar strap adopts matte treatment.
5. Humanized and excellent guitar gift for guitarists is also suitable for acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass guitar.


Item Type: Guitar strap

Item Type: Guitar strap
Material: Leather (matte treatment)
Size: Approx. 110.5 ~ 134.5cm / 43.5 ~ 53in adjustable
Main Strap Length: Approx. 89cm / 35in
Lengthened Strap: Approx. 54cm / 21.3in
Width: Approx. 7.2cm / 2.8in (wide strap)

Package List:

1 x Main Strap

1 x Adjustment Strap

1 x Rope



Practical Musical Instrument Accessories For Musican Lovers For

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