Blanket Tapestry Personal Throw Free shipping Wa Flannel Anti-Pilling Blanket Tapestry Personal Throw Free shipping Wa Flannel Anti-Pilling Blanket,,Throw,,Tapestry,$32,Flannel,/blacktail5367273.html,Wa,Personal,Anti-Pilling,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Blanket Blanket,,Throw,,Tapestry,$32,Flannel,/blacktail5367273.html,Wa,Personal,Anti-Pilling,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Blanket $32 Blanket Tapestry Personal Throw Blanket, Anti-Pilling Flannel Wa Home Kitchen Bedding $32 Blanket Tapestry Personal Throw Blanket, Anti-Pilling Flannel Wa Home Kitchen Bedding

Blanket Max 50% OFF Tapestry Personal Throw Free shipping Wa Flannel Anti-Pilling

Blanket Tapestry Personal Throw Blanket, Anti-Pilling Flannel Wa


Blanket Tapestry Personal Throw Blanket, Anti-Pilling Flannel Wa

Product description


❤ Introduction:

Our Blanket Is Made From Premium Flannel, So Much Softer Than Fleece To Provide You With The Mostluxurious Comfort. This Is A Very Fashionable And Practical Blanket, Suitable For All Seasons. Blanket Is Light But Warm. Throw Blanket Can Lock The Temperature Intelligently So That You Won'T Be Too Hot Or Too Cold.

❤ Specification:

Type: Personal Throw Blanket

Material: Anti-Pilling Flannel

Color: As Picture

Size: Optional

➤50 X 40 Inch (127 X 101 Cm)amp;Nbsp;

➤60 X 50 Inch (152 X 101 Cm)amp;Nbsp;

➤80 X 60 Inch (203 X 152 Cm)amp;Nbsp;

❤ Perfect Decor:

Easy To Match Your Bed, Couch, Chair, Or Sofa. Easy To Carry, Suitable For Chilly Movie Theater Or Traveling, Especially For Camping And Picnic. Can Be Used As Curtain, Wall Hanging Decor, Picnic Mat, Bedspread, Beach Scarf, Table Cloth, Etc

? Perfect Gift Choice:

Whether It'S Father'S Day, Children'S Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Easter, Birthday, New Year, Holidays, Anniversaries, It'S A Good Idea To Gift Personal Blankets. When You'Re Hesitant About A Gift For Your Friends And Family, Trust Me And Try It.

❤ Service Guarantee:

➤ We Provide Customer First Service For Lizerdyx Products. Feel Firee To Contact Us For Any If You Have Any Questions Or Concerns About This Product Our Customer Care Team Is Here To Help! You Will Receive This Blanket Throw Tapestry About 10-20 Days After You Place Your Order. Thank You For Your Waiting.

❤ Easy To Care And Clean:

Wash Separately In Cold Water, Machine Washable And Air Dry, Or Tumble Dry At Low Temperature.

❤ Warming Tips:

Please Allow 1-3cm (0.4-1.18") Difference Due To Manual Measurement And Slight Color Variation For Different Display Setting.\r\n\r\n

Blanket Tapestry Personal Throw Blanket, Anti-Pilling Flannel Wa

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