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Nippon regular agency YANG1MN Ms. Cheap mail order shopping Europe Africa Small Roll Wig Black

YANG1MN Ms. Europe Africa Small Roll Wig Black Wig


YANG1MN Ms. Europe Africa Small Roll Wig Black Wig

Product description

1. Using delicate rose within the network, comfortable and not stuffy.Ventilation cooling, keep your head dry and refreshing.
2. Process for manufacturing a machine.It belongs to the long curly hair.Length 40CM.Realistic nature for your whole face extra points.
3. apply color to any color.Change your hairstyle.Modification of any face, Liu Qi type may be inclined freely.
4. This product can perm, hair made of a high temperature wire.Easy to tie, easy care.
5. If you have any questions please contact us, we will respond to you within twenty-four hours.

YANG1MN Ms. Europe Africa Small Roll Wig Black Wig

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