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Reading Magnifier Multifunction Classic with Max 80% OFF Rotating 2X Arm Dual Lens

Reading Magnifier, Multifunction with Rotating Arm Dual Lens 2X


Reading Magnifier, Multifunction with Rotating Arm Dual Lens 2X

Product description

I didn't come to this world because of you, but because of you, I love this world even more! If I can be with you, I will be grateful to the world.
Everyone needs a magnifying glass for your sake, for the family, for the freedom of the eyes.
Our magnifying glass design comes from the most advanced international product concept and the first-class reading magnifying glass is our goal. It is suitable for birthday gifts, research tools, leisure decoration, holiday gifts, wedding gifts, Christmas gifts, friendship gifts, graduation gifts, etc. .
Product Name: Magnifier
- Material: Optical glass
- Magnification: 2X (large lenses), 6X (small lens)
- Optical magnification: 2X (large lenses), 2.5X (small lens)
- Lens diameter: 12.5 cm
- Size: 47*16.5 cm
- LED lights: 2
- Power supply: 2 AA battery
1, the receipt time is about 9 to 18 days after you place the order
2. If you are satisfied with our products, please give us real feedback, we sincerely thank you.
2. Our products are measured by hand, and the error of 1-2cm is normal.
A. If you have not received the goods within 30 days, or have any questions about the products, you can contact our customer service, your trust is our pursuit.
B, there are a lot of quality products in our store, you can enter the store if you need it!

Reading Magnifier, Multifunction with Rotating Arm Dual Lens 2X

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