$9688 Barreto E1624D-4 4" Single Cup Chain 16 hp Trencher, 24" Model, Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Trencher,,Barreto,Cup,Single,E1624D-4,/breechblock5377966.html,24",Model,,Chain,16,paperfangs.com,4",Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,$9688,hp Trencher,,Barreto,Cup,Single,E1624D-4,/breechblock5377966.html,24",Model,,Chain,16,paperfangs.com,4",Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,$9688,hp $9688 Barreto E1624D-4 4" Single Cup Chain 16 hp Trencher, 24" Model, Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Barreto E1624D-4 4" Single Cup Chain Trencher Our shop OFFers the best service Model hp 24" 16 Barreto E1624D-4 4" Single Cup Chain Trencher Our shop OFFers the best service Model hp 24" 16

Barreto E1624D-4 4

Barreto E1624D-4 4" Single Cup Chain 16 hp Trencher, 24" Model,


Barreto E1624D-4 4" Single Cup Chain 16 hp Trencher, 24" Model,

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All hydraulic means no belts, gears, or chains. The hydraulic chain drive motor is attached directly to the head shaft. Maintenance is easy and repairs are minimized. A lower center of gravity provides stability. The outboard bearing is designed to protect the auger shaft from the bending that is sometimes caused by the impact of rocks or other debris when trenching.

Barreto E1624D-4 4" Single Cup Chain 16 hp Trencher, 24" Model,

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