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Alternative dealer Muscle Relaxation Massager Rechargeable Gun Financial sales sale Fiv

Muscle Relaxation Massager, Muscle Massager Gun Rechargeable Fiv


Muscle Relaxation Massager, Muscle Massager Gun Rechargeable Fiv

Product description

1. There are 4 interchangeable massage head attachments and 5 kinds of speed impact massager, the speed is from 2300 to 3500rpm, which can help athletes, office crowds, drivers, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts, or anyone with muscle pain problems , Deep tissue massage is needed to treat muscle soreness and eliminate body fatigue and soreness after exercising or working for a long time.
2. The working sound pressure level of about 30-50dB can be easily used at home, office, and gym without disturbing others. Lightweight, it can be carried anytime, anywhere.
3. The massager moves back and forth with a high amplitude, which can provide a rapid pressure burst to the body's muscle tissue, thereby generating a ripple effect on the entire skin surface. The vibration will penetrate deeply to relieve pain, aiming at the necessary area, and immediately alleviating the pain.
4. The 6600mAh long‑lasting battery capacity can work continuously for 4‑6 hours. After being fully charged, normal daily use can last for 2‑3 weeks (depending on the strength of the massage you use, turn off from the bottom when not in use).
5. It is an ideal gift for Valentine's Day, Christmas, and birthday. It is very suitable for people who suffer from neck and shoulder soreness and swelling of calves, sitting at the desk for a long time. It is also very suitable for people with muscle soreness caused by bad posture and exercise.


Item Type: Fascia Massager
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Product Size: Approx. 14.4x8.5x5cm / 5.7x3.3x2.0in (without massage head)
Weight: Approx. 837g / 29.5oz
Gear Position: first gear 2300r/m, second gear 2600r/m, third gear 2900r/m, f

Muscle Relaxation Massager, Muscle Massager Gun Rechargeable Fiv

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