$41 SKTT 30 Speed Charging Device Wireless Waterproof Magic Tongue V Health Household Wellness Relaxation Charging,Waterproof,Tongue,Magic,/category/glossary/R,Wireless,V,30,Device,Speed,Health Household , Wellness Relaxation,SKTT,$41,paperfangs.com $41 SKTT 30 Speed Charging Device Wireless Waterproof Magic Tongue V Health Household Wellness Relaxation SKTT 30 Speed Charging Spasm price Device Waterproof Wireless Magic V Tongue Charging,Waterproof,Tongue,Magic,/category/glossary/R,Wireless,V,30,Device,Speed,Health Household , Wellness Relaxation,SKTT,$41,paperfangs.com SKTT 30 Speed Charging Spasm price Device Waterproof Wireless Magic V Tongue

SKTT 30 Speed Charging Spasm price Device Ranking TOP1 Waterproof Wireless Magic V Tongue

SKTT 30 Speed Charging Device Wireless Waterproof Magic Tongue V


SKTT 30 Speed Charging Device Wireless Waterproof Magic Tongue V

Product description

New charging model, do not need AA battery!

Material: silicone + ABS, non-toxic, durable, skin friendly

Function: 30 frequency strong mode

Waterproof function: waterproof

Volume: about 40 decibels

PORTABLE SIZE 6.5" length, 3.25" wide on top, 3.8 oz light weight

SKTT 30 Speed Charging Device Wireless Waterproof Magic Tongue V

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