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ZTCWS Beanie Hat Knit with Long Hair Extensions Wavy A Easy-to-use Max 89% OFF Wig Curly

ZTCWS Beanie Hat Knit with Long Wavy Curly Hair Extensions Wig A


ZTCWS Beanie Hat Knit with Long Wavy Curly Hair Extensions Wig A

Product description

Struggling with long hair or short hair?

Do you worried about the change of seasons and don't know what style of hat to wear? Do you agonize over which hairstyle you want due to the need of matching clothes?

We strongly recommend that you purchase a cap with wig, and a beanie hat with long wavy hair, both!

Product Name: Knit beanie hat with attached hair
Styles: Long Wavy Wigs for Women
Wig Type: Cosplay Wig/Patient Hat Wig/Cap Wig for Women
Hair Material: Synthetic Fiber
Hair Color: Gold
Occasion: Themed party, costume cosplay, fancy ball show,dress up, daily use, Halloween Christmas or just for fun

When you receive and take the wigs out of the packaging, it may shed hair and become messy, while this is a normal thing, and no need to worry about it. Just shake it and take away the dropped hair.

*Notice: The color displayed may vary due to different monitor settings/mannequin model.*

Have been dreaming of quality, durable and high-end wigs that are light weight, comfortable, painless to wear, realistic looking and easy to care for while keeping your hair amp; scalp healthy ?

You've got the secret to being in the right place at the right time!

-Package included:
1 x Beanie Hat Wig Cap

ZTCWS Beanie Hat Knit with Long Wavy Curly Hair Extensions Wig A

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