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Loupe Magnifier Head Mount with 8 Headband Group New product price type

Loupe Magnifier Head Mount Magnifier Headband Loupe with 8 Group


Loupe Magnifier Head Mount Magnifier Headband Loupe with 8 Group

Product description


Product name: repair magnifying glass
Magnification: 2.5X~25X
Colour: Black
Material: Optical PMMA lens + ABS frame
Light source: LED light
Power supply: 3*LR1130 button batteries on each side
Weight: 45g
1. Easy to Use : Switch lenses on travel, just unclip to release the current lens from the glasses and snap a new one in place.
2. Home, Office, Workshop and Laboratory : The durable construction and sturdy frame allows to be taken anywhere,and perfect for any task.
3. Perfect Lens Fits All : The 2.5X to 25X magnifying lenses are ideal for reading,sewing and knitting, 15X-25X lens is perfect for meticulous work like modelling, repair.
4. Magnifying While Illuminating : With 2 energy-saving LEDs built into the frame, the adjustable light and lens ensures precise illumination on observed object surface.
Stimulate Children's Interest
Motivate your kids and spur their interest in the world! Let them study the wonders of the world and clearly see even the smallest of animals and plants. Allow them to admire the environment and learn to appreciate everything around them!

Loupe Magnifier Head Mount Magnifier Headband Loupe with 8 Group

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