XKUN sold out Outdoor Large-Scale Trampoline with Trampolines 48 inch Net 48,Trampolines,Trampoline,/cloacinean4890043.html,$440,Outdoor,Net,with,XKUN,Large-Scale,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,inch,paperfangs.com $440 XKUN Outdoor Large-Scale Trampoline with Net Trampolines 48 inch Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness XKUN sold out Outdoor Large-Scale Trampoline with Trampolines 48 inch Net 48,Trampolines,Trampoline,/cloacinean4890043.html,$440,Outdoor,Net,with,XKUN,Large-Scale,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,inch,paperfangs.com $440 XKUN Outdoor Large-Scale Trampoline with Net Trampolines 48 inch Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

XKUN sold out Outdoor Large-Scale Trampoline with Trampolines 48 Charlotte Mall inch Net

XKUN Outdoor Large-Scale Trampoline with Net Trampolines 48 inch


XKUN Outdoor Large-Scale Trampoline with Net Trampolines 48 inch

Product description

❤✪❤ Family trampoline:LBLA trampoline with safety enclosure net is very suitable for your next "family entertainment time". This recreational trampoline has a sturdy steel structure, which ensures that children can jump with the best jumping range and height to enjoy the feeling of zero gravity. A complete accessory kit and simple components: a trampoline, fence, spring cover pad, jumping pad, foam bumper and all necessary installation tools.
●Product Name: Trampoline with Enclosure
●Material: steel pipe, PP jump cloth
● Frame diameter: 120cm
● Diameter diameter: 90cm
● Foot tube height: 30cm
● Bearing capacity: 250kg / 550lbs
●Color: Blue, Pink, Yellow
● Is it foldable: Yes
● Weight: 14kg
● suitable for the crowd - adults, children
●High quality material - high quality steel material, strong spring, strong bearing capacity
● Foldable - easy to fold, easy to store
● Quiet - high quality panel structure, shock absorption, non-slip, quiet
● Home gym - release stress, enhance heart and lung function, balance the body, become thin
?Packing list:
1 xTrampoline
❤✪❤ If you have any issue before or after purchase, please just feel free to contact us, we will provide you with 24-hour free online service friendly.

XKUN Outdoor Large-Scale Trampoline with Net Trampolines 48 inch

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Helping you to protect your wealth for the future.

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You have landed on this page as Watson Esam has merged with Graysons

You can read more about the merger here. Graysons will be pleased to help with your enquiry. Please visit our web pages or contact us directly on 0114 358 9009