Karaoke,for,paperfangs.com,$55,Adults,,Bluetooth,ParfaitRever,Kids,Wooden,Musical Instruments , Electronic Music, DJ Karaoke,/cracksman4748147.html,Machine $55 ParfaitRever Bluetooth Karaoke Machine for Kids Adults, Wooden Musical Instruments Electronic Music, DJ Karaoke ParfaitRever Super beauty product restock quality top! Bluetooth Karaoke Machine Kids Adults Wooden for ParfaitRever Super beauty product restock quality top! Bluetooth Karaoke Machine Kids Adults Wooden for Karaoke,for,paperfangs.com,$55,Adults,,Bluetooth,ParfaitRever,Kids,Wooden,Musical Instruments , Electronic Music, DJ Karaoke,/cracksman4748147.html,Machine $55 ParfaitRever Bluetooth Karaoke Machine for Kids Adults, Wooden Musical Instruments Electronic Music, DJ Karaoke

ParfaitRever Super Popular product beauty product restock quality top Bluetooth Karaoke Machine Kids Adults Wooden for

ParfaitRever Bluetooth Karaoke Machine for Kids Adults, Wooden


ParfaitRever Bluetooth Karaoke Machine for Kids Adults, Wooden

Product description

Product Specification:
Speaker Size:145*60*115cm
Weight:645 grams
Lithium battery capacity:1800mAh
Continous play time:up to 6 hours
Charging Time:about 4 hours
Output:10 watts
Voltage:DC 5V
Connection:Wireless Bluetooth/TF/AUX audio/FM voice
Package include: 1 x gift box, 1 x Karaoke Speaker, 2 x microphones, 1 x charge cable, 1 x manual,

Using Manual:
1. Long Press the gt; and 2. Short Press ' to previous song
3.Short press the M button, It will change modes (Bluetooth/TF/Aux/Usb/FM), and long press M button it will recycle the song you're listening
4. When charging, the indicator LED will be on

Attractive Features
*Made of wooden shell which looks more classy and more sturdy to protect it from broken.
*Rechargeable design: built in rechargeable Lithium battery of large capacity. Support 6-hour singing fun.
*Support wireless Bluetooth connection, TF card input, USB stich input, FM amp; AUX Audio.
*portable box design, very easy to carry and it is good for home and outdoors.
Service: We take 100% customer satisfaction as our top priority. Any problem and opinion with our product, please don’t hesitate to contact us, our service department will find the best solution to solve.

ParfaitRever Bluetooth Karaoke Machine for Kids Adults, Wooden

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