Teak Wooden Bowl with Spoon low-pricing - 8" Bowls Diamete for Food Wooden,$24,Diamete,Wooden,Spoon,Bowls,8",Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/cracksman4889947.html,Teak,Bowl,-,for,-,with,paperfangs.com,Food Wooden,$24,Diamete,Wooden,Spoon,Bowls,8",Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/cracksman4889947.html,Teak,Bowl,-,for,-,with,paperfangs.com,Food $24 Teak Wooden Bowl with Spoon - Wooden Bowls for Food - 8" Diamete Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $24 Teak Wooden Bowl with Spoon - Wooden Bowls for Food - 8" Diamete Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Teak Wooden Bowl with Spoon low-pricing - 8" Bowls Diamete for Food

Teak Wooden Bowl with Spoon Sales of SALE items from new works low-pricing - 8

Teak Wooden Bowl with Spoon - Wooden Bowls for Food - 8" Diamete


Teak Wooden Bowl with Spoon - Wooden Bowls for Food - 8" Diamete

Product description

Teak serving bowls make an excellent statement piece or conversation starter. The stunning color and grain patterns on this premium teak bowl and spoon set are aesthetically pleasing. Each unique wood salad bowl is handcrafted by Indonesian artisans using sustabinably sourced teak. This multipurpose wooden serving bowl is perfect for salad, popcorn, chips, guacamole, and fruit. Whether you are barbequing with friends or serving an elegant family dinner, this set is sure to be a crowd pleaser. A 8” x 3.5” inch (530 gr) mixing bowl provides large capacity without taking up to much cabinet space. Home cooks and chefs love the convenience of a salad bowl and serving spoon set. This luxurious teak bowl is an excellent decorative center piece for the dining room table. For long-lasting wear, it is imperative to handwash and thoroughly dry immediately after each use. Steel wool, harsh detergents, and abrasive cleaners are not appropriate to use on teak wood. This handmade serving set is not compatible with microwaves, dishwashers, ovens, or freezers. With proper care, this teak serving bowl will be a staple in your home for years to come. Purchase for yourself or as a special gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and housewarming parties.

Teak Wooden Bowl with Spoon - Wooden Bowls for Food - 8" Diamete

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