Bookshelf,$85,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/cracksman4968347.html,,Metal,Bookcase,Multipurpose,Industrial,Unit,D,Shelving $85 Industrial Bookshelf Bookcase,Multipurpose Metal Shelving Unit,D Home Kitchen Furniture Bookshelf,$85,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/cracksman4968347.html,,Metal,Bookcase,Multipurpose,Industrial,Unit,D,Shelving $85 Industrial Bookshelf Bookcase,Multipurpose Metal Shelving Unit,D Home Kitchen Furniture Industrial mart Bookshelf Bookcase Multipurpose Unit Shelving Metal D Industrial mart Bookshelf Bookcase Multipurpose Unit Shelving Metal D

Great interest Industrial mart Bookshelf Bookcase Multipurpose Unit Shelving Metal D

Industrial Bookshelf Bookcase,Multipurpose Metal Shelving Unit,D


Industrial Bookshelf Bookcase,Multipurpose Metal Shelving Unit,D

Product description

Size:4 Tier,41.3" x 13.4" x 55.5"

High Quality and Metal Material makes this cart more durable, more sturdy and load-bearing better.
This Bookcase is definitely a great choice for bathroom, kitchen, bedroom,office,home or any other space to store items.

1. e1-grade particleboard with wood grain; durable to last a long time; thick metal frame makes it sturdy to hold books, magazines and collectibles
2. Spacious storage capacity: 4-tier shelf provides large storage space
3. Classic appearance: Industrial style with simple construction create an attractive and modern look

1. Material: Particleboard, Iron
2. Size: (41.3 x 13.4 x 55.5)" / (104.90 x 34.04 x 140.97)cm (L x W x H)

Package Includes:
1 x Bookcase

Industrial Bookshelf Bookcase,Multipurpose Metal Shelving Unit,D

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