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Diamond Painting Kits Wild Boar Wolves ,5d Diamond Painting Kits


Diamond Painting Kits Wild Boar Wolves ,5d Diamond Painting Kits

Product description

Diamond paintings are the most popular arts and crafts among adults. It can be made with the family, and it is the bond of a good family relationship. Hang on the wall to show your personality and make the room more shiny.

Production steps:
1. Open the box and check the special tools for diamond drawing.
2. Check the color of diamonds and arrange them in order of coding.
3. Apply an appropriate amount of diamond glue on the pen and glue the corresponding diamond.
4. Stick the diamond on the corresponding canvas according to the corresponding color code.
5. After completion, use a thick book or hand to press the diamond to ensure its strength.

1. Do NOT expose too much unfinished area of canvas in case of viscosity reduction.
2. To avoid creasing, do NOT fold the canvas.
3. The diamond inedible, do not let children play in order to avoid accidents such as swallowing.
4. The product not included the frame. It is just a rolled canvas. Please frame it by glasses or wooden and hang in your home as for decoration adornments.
5. If you have any questions about the product you have received, please contact us via email as soon as possible. We will solve it for you quickly and free of charge.

Warm Note:
Please DO NOT tear off the surface paper on the picture at one-time, only to tear apart the desired area to avoid dust to other area.
Please keep the diamonds away from children to avoid swallowing accidents. Children must use it under their adults' supervision.
Keep clean when drawing, or it will affect the adhesive strength.
To avoid creasing, DO NOT fold the painting canvas.

If you have trouble finding the right gift, this is the ideal solution. Diamond paintings can be given to your family or friends as gifts on anniversaries, birthdays, Halloween, and Christmas.

Diamond Painting Kits Wild Boar Wolves ,5d Diamond Painting Kits

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