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New Free Shipping XUANJIN Night Vision Binoculars Hd SEAL limited product Digital Infrared

XUANJIN Night Vision Binoculars, Hd Digital Infrared Binoculars


XUANJIN Night Vision Binoculars, Hd Digital Infrared Binoculars

Product description


Product specification
Model: NV3180 Double Tube Night Vision Device
Distance: 200-300 meters full black observation distance, 3 meters to infinity, low light observation distance
Size: 2.31" high-definition TFT inner screen, with 3 times large window magnifying glass
Magnification: 4x digital zoom
Resolution: 720P video, 300,000 pixel CMOS
Waterproof rating: IP56
Picture resolution: 1M (1280x960), VGA (640x480)
Video resolution: 720P (1280x720@30FPS ), VGA (640x480@30FPS)
Lens: F1.2 large aperture, f=25mm
Lens angle: FOV=10°, aperture 24mm
Display: inner screen 2.31" high-definition TFT screen, 960*240; outer screen size 98x48mm, 3 times magnification
Storage: up to 32G TF card (not included)
USB interface: Micro USB 2.0
MIC: Support
Automatic shutdown: 1 min/3 min/5 min/OFF
Infrared light: 3W, 850nm strong infrared spotlight, 7-speed infrared adjustment
Observation distance in all black: 200-300 meters
Low light observation distance: 3 meters to infinity
Magnification: digital zoom 3 times
Power supply type: 9V; 6*AA
Language: Multi-country optional
Date watermark: support date and time setting, date and time displayed on the photo and video
Operating buttons: 6
Operating temperature: -20℃ to +60℃
Storage temperature: -30℃ to +70℃
Weight: 196*146*59mm /0.576kg
Accessories: Standard includes night vision device, USB cable, strap, cloth bag, manual
Main uses: reconnaissance, security and surveillance, camping fun, exploring caves, night fishing and boating, wildlife observation and photographing, etc.

XUANJIN Night Vision Binoculars, Hd Digital Infrared Binoculars

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