Seasonal Wrap Introduction Vintage CK1383A 8602 Raytheon Scan-Convers storage Recording CRT Seasonal Wrap Introduction Vintage CK1383A 8602 Raytheon Scan-Convers storage Recording CRT $454 Vintage CK1383A 8602 Raytheon Recording storage CRT Scan-Convers Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories CK1383A,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,storage,Raytheon,Scan-Convers,8602,,Recording,CRT,$454,Vintage,/disenclose4885379.html $454 Vintage CK1383A 8602 Raytheon Recording storage CRT Scan-Convers Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories CK1383A,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,storage,Raytheon,Scan-Convers,8602,,Recording,CRT,$454,Vintage,/disenclose4885379.html

Seasonal Wrap Introduction Vintage CK1383A 8602 Raytheon Scan-Convers storage Credence Recording CRT

Vintage CK1383A 8602 Raytheon Recording storage CRT Scan-Convers


Vintage CK1383A 8602 Raytheon Recording storage CRT Scan-Convers

Product description

Brand: Raytheon

Type: Premium Vintage Cathode Ray Tube.

Model: CK1383A / 8602

  • Recording storage CRT
  • Storage amp; scan-conversion tube

Country of Manufacturer: USA

Collectible item.


Vintage CK1383A 8602 Raytheon Recording storage CRT Scan-Convers

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