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Glass Plate Set Free Shipping Cheap Bargain Super sale period limited Gift Dessert Fruit Tray Steak Western Mat Place

Glass Plate Set,Dessert Plate Fruit Tray Steak Western Place Mat


Glass Plate Set,Dessert Plate Fruit Tray Steak Western Place Mat

Product description

Size:Set of 3

Welcome to our shop. What we have been looking for is something that can be close to life. Whether you are a home, a restaurant, or a coffee shop, we believe that our unique products can respond well, and our products are undoubtedly High-quality materials and refined craftsmanship, beautiful colors, and simple shapes will be your perfect choice! Regarding the product, you can leave a message to contact us at any time, and we will give you a satisfactory answer within 15 hours.

Do you like curvilinear design?

Looking for matching plates?

Now it's time to complete your tableware collection.

Why choose our plate?

★Elegant design-each plate has a stylish shape, neat and curved lines, beautiful and generous, very suitable for daily use, entertainment or formal dinners.

★Easy to stack-these boards stack well and will not take up much space in the cabinet.

★More matching items-If you want to view more of our discount combinations, you can click on my store, and then go to my store to view and select.


1. Glass products will inevitably have problems such as small bubbles, small black spots and small pits;

2. All dimensions of the product are manually measured, there will be some errors in reality;

3. The products are all taken in kind, and there may be chromatic aberration issues. Please use genuine products as the main product;


1. Glass products, please use them carefully and do not drop them.

2. Do not put this product in a fire to prevent it from exploding.

3. Do not use hard objects to clean glassware.

Prohibit and allow

Microwave oven (X)

Dishwasher (X)

Oven (X)

Sterilizer (X)

Glass Plate Set,Dessert Plate Fruit Tray Steak Western Place Mat

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