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Universal all kinds of wall decorations Max 50% OFF mural Home Now on sale Decorati

Universal all kinds of wall decorations,wall mural Home Decorati


Universal all kinds of wall decorations,wall mural Home Decorati

Product description

Our shop has a variety of wall decorations, you can choose from in the shop!
If you have any questions, please contact customer service!
Material: resin
Package weight: 0.88 kg
Coat hanger package weight: 0.25 kg
Installation: hang it on the wall, with the nail and hook
Function: home / office ,living room wall decoration and bedroom decor
Coat hanger function: coat hanger / key hanger
Safe packing: hard carton + foam box
Attention: if you want big size deer head, you can go to my store and find many big size deer statue
Better service: if product is damged, we can reship a new one, or return all money back to you
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1. Timely service, we help you to solve the problem of shipping breakage and goods not received
2. Reship a new one , or return all money back to you
3. If it has problem,you need to contact us at first and we will solve it for you
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Universal all kinds of wall decorations,wall mural Home Decorati

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