12mm,Round,WFAANW,Cutting,Turning,Chisel,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,with,Wood,Carbid,paperfangs.com,Tools,,$52,/entopical4747894.html 12mm,Round,WFAANW,Cutting,Turning,Chisel,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,with,Wood,Carbid,paperfangs.com,Tools,,$52,/entopical4747894.html WFAANW Cutting Tools Wood Turning with 2021 autumn and winter new Carbid 12mm Round Chisel WFAANW Cutting Tools Wood Turning with 2021 autumn and winter new Carbid 12mm Round Chisel $52 WFAANW Cutting Tools, Wood Turning Chisel with Round 12mm Carbid Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $52 WFAANW Cutting Tools, Wood Turning Chisel with Round 12mm Carbid Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

WFAANW Cutting Tools Wood Turning Rapid rise with 2021 autumn and winter new Carbid 12mm Round Chisel

WFAANW Cutting Tools, Wood Turning Chisel with Round 12mm Carbid


WFAANW Cutting Tools, Wood Turning Chisel with Round 12mm Carbid

Product description

Our products are multi-certified and quality guaranteed. If you have any questions, please contact us by email.

Tool material: Alloy steel

Tool length: 250mm

Tool diameter: 10mm

Insert material: Carbide

Insert hardness: 90HCR

Insert Size: 12MM Round

Package included:

1 x Wood turning chisel

1 x Insert

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WFAANW Cutting Tools, Wood Turning Chisel with Round 12mm Carbid

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