$133 whl Barbell Plates Cast Iron Dumbbell/Barbell Plates Weight Plat Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $133 whl Barbell Plates Cast Iron Dumbbell/Barbell Plates Weight Plat Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness whl Barbell Plates Cast Iron Plat Weight Dumbbell store whl,$133,Plat,paperfangs.com,Iron,Cast,Weight,Barbell,/entopical4890594.html,Plates,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Plates,Dumbbell/Barbell whl Barbell Plates Cast Iron Plat Weight Dumbbell store whl,$133,Plat,paperfangs.com,Iron,Cast,Weight,Barbell,/entopical4890594.html,Plates,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Plates,Dumbbell/Barbell

whl Barbell Plates Cast Iron Cheap SALE Start Plat Weight Dumbbell store

whl Barbell Plates Cast Iron Dumbbell/Barbell Plates Weight Plat


whl Barbell Plates Cast Iron Dumbbell/Barbell Plates Weight Plat

Product description


If you need other styles, please contact me, our shop has a variety of styles for you to choose from, you can check it out in our shop.
➤ Color: as shown in the picture
Material: cast iron+PU
Center hole size: small hole 2.8cm(1.1 inch)
Uses: fitness equipment
Quantity: 2 Plates
Weight selection: two (2.5kg / 5kg / 10kg / 15kg / 20kg)

➤ Product Size:

2.5kg: diameter 21 cm / thickness 2 cm
5kg: diameter 24 cm / thickness 2.5 cm
10kg: diameter 35 cm / thickness 2.5 cm
15kg: diameter 39 cm / thickness 3 cm
20kg: diameter 44 cm / thickness 3 cm

➤ Packing list: 2 X Barbell Plate

➤ Note: a set of only 2 Plates

➤ These weight plates come in a variety of different weight levels, which allow you to customize your workout.

➤ Whether you are using an adjustable dumbbell, barbell, or trap bar, these weights can be interchanged to fit your standard 1-inch bar.

➤ Add these weight plates to your home gym and use them for cardiovascular fitness and strength training!
You are welcome to share and feedback so that we can provide you with better products and services.

whl Barbell Plates Cast Iron Dumbbell/Barbell Plates Weight Plat

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