Health Household , Household Supplies,,Kraft,$22,Paper,Disposable,Cups,Cup,Milk,Paper,Coffee,Cup,/entopical5024794.html,Paper,Cups $22 Cup Disposable Paper Cups Kraft Paper Cups Coffee Milk Cup Paper Health Household Household Supplies Health Household , Household Supplies,,Kraft,$22,Paper,Disposable,Cups,Cup,Milk,Paper,Coffee,Cup,/entopical5024794.html,Paper,Cups $22 Cup Disposable Paper Cups Kraft Paper Cups Coffee Milk Cup Paper Health Household Household Supplies Cup Disposable Paper Branded goods Cups Kraft Coffee Milk Cup Disposable Paper Branded goods Cups Kraft Coffee Milk

Cup Disposable Paper Branded goods Cups Challenge the lowest price Kraft Coffee Milk

Cup Disposable Paper Cups Kraft Paper Cups Coffee Milk Cup Paper


Cup Disposable Paper Cups Kraft Paper Cups Coffee Milk Cup Paper

Product description

Each pack includes 100 disposable paper cups
Capacity: 250ml 8oz
Single size:
Caliber: 9 cm
Height: 9 cm
Bottom: 5.6 cm
Environmental protection-made of high-quality environmentally friendly raw materials-100% recyclable
These easy-to-use, sturdy and durable disposable cups are designed to facilitate your daily life.
Since you can easily discard them when you are done, there is no need to bother about cleaning, maintaining and storing them.
Multi-purpose, suitable for family, work, party or coffee on the go. It can be used for hot and cold beverages and is very suitable for personalization.

Cup Disposable Paper Cups Kraft Paper Cups Coffee Milk Cup Paper

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