$35 SHENYUAN Hair Extensions Natural Synthetic Hair Extensions No Cl Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Same day shipping SHENYUAN Hair Extensions Natural Cl Synthetic No Extensions,paperfangs.com,Extensions,Cl,SHENYUAN,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,No,Natural,$35,/entopical5024994.html,Hair,Hair,Synthetic Extensions,paperfangs.com,Extensions,Cl,SHENYUAN,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,No,Natural,$35,/entopical5024994.html,Hair,Hair,Synthetic Same day shipping SHENYUAN Hair Extensions Natural Cl Synthetic No $35 SHENYUAN Hair Extensions Natural Synthetic Hair Extensions No Cl Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

Same day shipping SHENYUAN Hair Extensions Sale Natural Cl Synthetic No

SHENYUAN Hair Extensions Natural Synthetic Hair Extensions No Cl


SHENYUAN Hair Extensions Natural Synthetic Hair Extensions No Cl

Product description

Product description:
- simplest and quickest extensions to apply
- high quality hair for an amazing price
- No clips,no glue,no damage! ​
- instant fullness amp;length large color selection
- can straighten, curl(but temperature should between 150-180 degree)
-material: synthetic Japan high temperature fiber
-length:about 12'' 14" 16" 18" without stretching
-weight:18'' : about 120-130g
16'' : about 110-120g
14'' : about 100-110g
12'' : about 90-100g
hair,design with hair on a wire,offers an innovative hair extension that adds length and volume to your own hair in less than one minute!!
Heat Resistant which Can be Permed, straighten,curled by iron between 300-350 Fahrenheit, Washed, Restyled or Shorn
There are Multi-color for choosing, which are guaranteed to blend with your own natural or color treated hair color. Our colors are multi-faceted and will work with various shades, ash, golden or beige. Go a shade darker for a highlighted effect or a shade lighter for an ombre look. Either way, you can't go wrong!

Can be dye ?
no ,can not dye ,because this is synthetic material
Can be ironed ?
yes ,because the material is heat-friendly fiber ,so can ironed it at 150-180 degree or 300-350 Fahrenheit
How to restyle ?
Unlike your own hair ,synthetic fiber only sets after it cools,so keep the curl until it is cool ,then realse !
How to choose color ?
Please check your hair color outdoor or under bright lighting to compare to product colors .Our colors are multi-faceted and will work with various shades, black ,brown ,ash, golden or beige. Go a shade darker for a highlighted effect or a shade lighter for an ombre look. or contact us for helping to choose color
How to detangle ?
(1)Spray water or wig conditioner amp;detanglertoprevent getting tangled
(2)Detangle the hair using a wide tooth comb carefully .Start from ends and work toward the roo

SHENYUAN Hair Extensions Natural Synthetic Hair Extensions No Cl

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