Card Captor Sakura Anime Roller Las Vegas Mall Blade Effect 3D Laser A Engraved Engraved,Laser,3D,/entopical5367294.html,Captor,$24,A,,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,Anime,Roller,Blade,Card,Sakura,Effect Card Captor Sakura Anime Roller Las Vegas Mall Blade Effect 3D Laser A Engraved Engraved,Laser,3D,/entopical5367294.html,Captor,$24,A,,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,Anime,Roller,Blade,Card,Sakura,Effect $24 Card Captor Sakura Anime Roller Blade Laser Engraved 3D Effect A Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans $24 Card Captor Sakura Anime Roller Blade Laser Engraved 3D Effect A Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans

Card Captor Sakura Anime Albuquerque Mall Roller Las Vegas Mall Blade Effect 3D Laser A Engraved

Card Captor Sakura Anime Roller Blade Laser Engraved 3D Effect A


Card Captor Sakura Anime Roller Blade Laser Engraved 3D Effect A

Product description

Product Description

* Switch Mode: Remote Control Switch, adjustable brightness, flash mode, smooth mode. Touch and hold up to 2 seconds to turn off the light.
* Treatment Process: Laser Engraving
* Light guide plate material: Acrylic
* Light color: 7 Color Change You can adjustable one color or gradual fading into all colors flash in sequence.
* Power supply: USB Powered or 3 x AA battery(not include)
* Power:0.5W.
* Voltage: 5V.
* Power spend: 0.012kw.h/24 hours; LED life span: 10000hours
* Wear-resisting ,no fade .Energy saving.
Package Include:

* 1 X Acrylic panel
*1 X ABS Base
*1 X Micro USB cable
*1 X English user manual

Maintenance Method:

*Use the cleanroom wipes wipe the Acrylic.
*Do not touch the acrylic plate surface with your fingers to avoid finger print marks on the plate which may affect the 3D illusion .
*Acrylic board sided with a protective film, Please tear out the surface protective film before using, The light will be brighter. Notice: The product not included batteries.

Card Captor Sakura Anime Roller Blade Laser Engraved 3D Effect A

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