OUANGG Microfiber Silky Soft Ranking TOP2 Duvet,Set King Pcs with 3 Pi Size paperfangs.com,Silky,Size,OUANGG,Soft,King,3,Microfiber,with,Duvet,Set,$51,Pi,/entopical5378194.html,Pcs,Home Kitchen , Bedding $51 OUANGG Microfiber Silky Soft Duvet,Set King Size 3 Pcs with Pi Home Kitchen Bedding OUANGG Microfiber Silky Soft Ranking TOP2 Duvet,Set King Pcs with 3 Pi Size paperfangs.com,Silky,Size,OUANGG,Soft,King,3,Microfiber,with,Duvet,Set,$51,Pi,/entopical5378194.html,Pcs,Home Kitchen , Bedding $51 OUANGG Microfiber Silky Soft Duvet,Set King Size 3 Pcs with Pi Home Kitchen Bedding

OUANGG Microfiber Silky Soft Ranking TOP2 Duvet,Set King Sale Special Price Pcs with 3 Pi Size

OUANGG Microfiber Silky Soft Duvet,Set King Size 3 Pcs with Pi


OUANGG Microfiber Silky Soft Duvet,Set King Size 3 Pcs with Pi

Product description

Size:102x94 inch + 20x30 inch *2

OUANGG Bedding Set Duvet Cover Set Extra Soft Elegance Pillowcase All Season Washable Home Hotel

Designed for restful sleep
Have you ever experienced a restless night because of an uncomfortable duvet or pillow after, in particular, a day of work or study in pain? Now it's over, you can say goodbye to the unbearable night, it's time to get some sleep.


✔Unique: 1 Duvet Cover (55x79 inch) and 2 Pillowcases (20x30 inch)

✔Double: 1 Duvet Cover (79x79 inch) and 2 Pillowcases (20x30 inch)

✔Double: 1 Duvet Cover (94x79 inch) and 2 Pillowcases (20x30 inch)

✔King: 1 Duvet Cover (94x87 inch) and 2 Pillowcases (20x30 inch)

✔King: 1 Duvet Cover (102x87 inch) and 2 Pillowcases (20x30 inch)

✔Super King: 1 Duvet Cover (102x94 inch) and 2 Pillowcases (20x30 inch)

Our 3 piece set is woven from premium polyester, sleek, extra soft, comfortable to the skin.

Elegant decoration
This set is placed in your room at home or in the hotel, making the bed beautiful and elegant, play a decorative role. It's clean and hygienic, play a protective role.

The soft material can achieve the high demand to feel warm in winter and cool in summer. It keeps you dry and comfortable for a good sleep. It is also an amazing gift for parents, friends, lovers as well as children for the holidays like birthday, Christmas.

Easy to put on and take off
The duvet cover is made of metal zipper, very put on and take off. The pillowcase with the wrap style avoid the zip stapling the hair.

Maintenance instruction
Machine washable in cold water (less than 30 ° C). Possible to use the dryer at an extremely low temperature. But we do not suggest you do the bleaching.

OUANGG Microfiber Silky Soft Duvet,Set King Size 3 Pcs with Pi

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