Car,1/20,Remote,Gmkjh,$26,/evangelicalness4747768.html,Climbing,,Toys Games , Vehicles,Climbing,Car,RC,RC,Scale,Control $26 Gmkjh RC Car,RC Climbing Car,1/20 Scale Remote Control Climbing Toys Games Vehicles Gmkjh RC Car Ranking TOP16 Climbing 1 Remote Control Scale 20 Car,1/20,Remote,Gmkjh,$26,/evangelicalness4747768.html,Climbing,,Toys Games , Vehicles,Climbing,Car,RC,RC,Scale,Control $26 Gmkjh RC Car,RC Climbing Car,1/20 Scale Remote Control Climbing Toys Games Vehicles Gmkjh RC Car Ranking TOP16 Climbing 1 Remote Control Scale 20

Gmkjh RC Max 55% OFF Car Ranking TOP16 Climbing 1 Remote Control Scale 20

Gmkjh RC Car,RC Climbing Car,1/20 Scale Remote Control Climbing


Gmkjh RC Car,RC Climbing Car,1/20 Scale Remote Control Climbing

Product description



Condition: 100% Brand New

Item Type: RC Car

Material: Alloy, ABS

Optional Color: Red, Green, Blue

Size: Approx. 19.5*12.4*11.7cm/7.68*4.88*4.61in

Remote Control Battery: 2 * AA 1.5V Batteries (Not Included)

Charging Time: About 120-180mins

Playing Time: About 25-30mins

Remote Control Distance: ≥30m

RC Car Battery: 3.6V 500mAh

Weight: Approx.690g/24.34oz


1. Alloy car body, better drop-resistant ability and cool playing experience.

2. High quality PVC material tires, flexible texture and anti-skid groove to increase friction.

3. Double motors design, stronger motivation to add more fun for you.

4. Independent shock absorber system, suitable for various kinds of terrains, such as mountain road, sand, grass, rock, etc.

5. Appropriate height of the car body makes it easy to cross-country wading.

Package List:

1 * RC Car

1 * Remote Control (Batteries Not Included)

1 * USB Charging Cable

Gmkjh RC Car,RC Climbing Car,1/20 Scale Remote Control Climbing

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