Hairro 14 Inch Human Hair Straight Ranking TOP10 Wra Short Ponytail Extensions $28 Hairro 14 Inch Human Hair Ponytail Extensions Short Straight Wra Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $28 Hairro 14 Inch Human Hair Ponytail Extensions Short Straight Wra Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Wra,14,Human,/evangelicalness4890168.html,Hair,,Straight,Ponytail,Inch,Extensions,$28,Hairro,Short,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care Wra,14,Human,/evangelicalness4890168.html,Hair,,Straight,Ponytail,Inch,Extensions,$28,Hairro,Short,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care Hairro 14 Inch Human Hair Straight Ranking TOP10 Wra Short Ponytail Extensions

Hairro 14 Inch Human Hair Straight Ranking TOP10 Wra Short Ponytail Max 41% OFF Extensions

Hairro 14 Inch Human Hair Ponytail Extensions Short Straight Wra


Hairro 14 Inch Human Hair Ponytail Extensions Short Straight Wra

Product Description


About the Product

  • Hair: Remy Human Hair
  • Size of hair weft: 3”x4"
  • Length-Weight: 14 inch-80g/ 16 inch-80g/ 18 inch-90g/ 20 inch-95g/ 22 inch-95g

Kindly Remind:

Considering light and different monitors, the exact color might be slightly different from it showed in the picture.

Model Show

Tips for Hair Care:

1.We recommend deep conditioning once a week or once a fortnight since there Is no natural nutrition to the extensions like our own hair.

2.Please apply some essence oil to the end of the extensions, which can avoid frizzing.

3.Let the hair dry naturally, do not expose it under the sun or use hair dryer, and comb your hair with wide tooth comb or your fingers.

wrap around ponytail

How to wear a wrap up ponytail?

wrap around ponytail

binding ponytail



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Human Hair
Style Wavy Straight Straight Straight/Body Wave Straight Straight/Wavy
Length 16-22 Inch 16-22 Inch 15-22 Inch 10-24 Inch 12-24 Inch

Hairro 14 Inch Human Hair Ponytail Extensions Short Straight Wra

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