$100 QTHAIR 14a Lace Closure Wigs Pre Plucked Natural Hairline with B Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $100 QTHAIR 14a Lace Closure Wigs Pre Plucked Natural Hairline with B Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Lace,B,with,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Hairline,/evangelicalness5024568.html,$100,Natural,Pre,14a,Plucked,QTHAIR,Wigs,paperfangs.com,Closure Lace,B,with,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Hairline,/evangelicalness5024568.html,$100,Natural,Pre,14a,Plucked,QTHAIR,Wigs,paperfangs.com,Closure QTHAIR 14a Lace Closure Wigs Pre Sale Natural Plucked Hairline B with QTHAIR 14a Lace Closure Wigs Pre Sale Natural Plucked Hairline B with

Sale QTHAIR 14a Lace Closure Wigs Pre Sale Natural Plucked Hairline B with

QTHAIR 14a Lace Closure Wigs Pre Plucked Natural Hairline with B


QTHAIR 14a Lace Closure Wigs Pre Plucked Natural Hairline with B

Product Description

100% human hair brazilian body wave

Why choose QTHAIR?

  1. Worldwide Brand amp; Large Factory amp; 20 YEARS Exporting Experience
  2. Premium Quality Human Hair Raw Materials amp; High Technique
  3. Gone Through the Test of National Hair Products and Hair Care Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center
  4. This wig is sewn from 100% Unprocessed Human Hair that cut off from one young donor directly,so it can be dyed, permed, bleached, highlighted, curled or styled as your own hair
human hair wigs

QTHAIR-150% Density Brazilian Body Wave 4x4 Human Hair Lace Closure Wigs

  • All of our products are Strictly Inspected by National Hair Products And Hair Care Products Supervision and Inspection Center.
  • QTHAIR only sell 100% human hair and there exists no synthetic hair in our factory.
human hair wigs

100% Human Hair Wigs

Pre Plucked Natural Hairline

Pre Plucked Hairline

breathable net

Breathable Net

human hair wigs

Bouncy Hair

QTHAIR-Customer Show


FAQ about QTHAIR Human Hair

  • Q1:Is this 100% Human Hair Wig?
  • A:Yes. The wig is sewn from higher quality hair weft and quite durable and beautiful.
  • Testing by BURNING- Human hair will show white smoke while burning and then turn to ash; Synthetic hair will show black smoke and will be a sticky ball after burning.
  • Q2: Hair Wig Length?
  • When you measure the hair wig, please stretch the wavy to straight and then measure from the top of the wig to the end of the longest part.
  • Q3:Hair Wig Smell?
  • A:100% chemical free,it may have local shampoo smell,but can be removed by cowashing with shampoo and conditioner.
  • Q4:How long does it last?
  • A:It depends on your maintainance(generally 6-12 months). Washing regularly with conditioner and oil are key to keep its charming.
  • Q5:Can I dye/color it?
  • A: Yes, The hair wig can be Permed/Dyed/Bleached/Highlighted as you desire. (Bleaching knots will do harm to the wig and not recommended)
  • Please wash it with conditioner or oil reguarly to keep its charming after dyeing.
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QTHAIR 14a Lace Closure Wigs Pre Plucked Natural Hairline with B

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