Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,SL4919-22,Lamp,,SIMPLEE,/evangelicalness5367368.html,ADESSO,Desk,$52,Steel,Cleo, $52 SIMPLEE ADESSO SL4919-22 Cleo Desk Lamp, Steel Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,SL4919-22,Lamp,,SIMPLEE,/evangelicalness5367368.html,ADESSO,Desk,$52,Steel,Cleo, SIMPLEE ADESSO SL4919-22 Cleo Steel Desk Lamp Tulsa Mall $52 SIMPLEE ADESSO SL4919-22 Cleo Desk Lamp, Steel Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans SIMPLEE ADESSO SL4919-22 Cleo Steel Desk Lamp Tulsa Mall

SIMPLEE Cash special price ADESSO SL4919-22 Cleo Steel Desk Lamp Tulsa Mall

SIMPLEE ADESSO SL4919-22 Cleo Desk Lamp, Steel


SIMPLEE ADESSO SL4919-22 Cleo Desk Lamp, Steel

Product description

Add a functional and stylish addition to your space with the 19" tall Cleo desk lamp by Simplee Adesso. Its clean, metal design and monochrome look perfectly complement modern and industrial décor. The lamp features a monochromatic metal construction in brushed steel finish with a round base and slender stem, while the shade adds an unconventional shape with its large 9.5" oval opening. For directional lighting options, the lamp offers an articulation point at the base of the shade, allowing you to direct the light wherever it's needed. The lamp also has an AC outlet built directly into its base for convenient access to power right from your desktop. Whether the lamp is turned on or off, the AC outlet will keep working normally. Operated by a rotary switch located on the shade, the lamp powers a 40W bulb (not included) and features a 5' clear cord. The Cleo desk lamp is also available with an antique brass finish.

SIMPLEE ADESSO SL4919-22 Cleo Desk Lamp, Steel

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