Clips,Wired/Wireless,,Microphone,Stand,Musical Instruments , Microphones Accessories,/evangelicalness5378268.html,C,Desktop,LUNCA,$86,Microphone Clips,Wired/Wireless,,Microphone,Stand,Musical Instruments , Microphones Accessories,/evangelicalness5378268.html,C,Desktop,LUNCA,$86,Microphone LUNCA Microphone 1 year warranty Desktop Stand C Wired Wireless Clips $86 LUNCA Microphone Desktop Stand Clips Wired/Wireless Microphone C Musical Instruments Microphones Accessories $86 LUNCA Microphone Desktop Stand Clips Wired/Wireless Microphone C Musical Instruments Microphones Accessories LUNCA Microphone 1 year warranty Desktop Stand C Wired Wireless Clips

LUNCA Microphone 1 year warranty Desktop Stand C NEW before selling ☆ Wired Wireless Clips

LUNCA Microphone Desktop Stand Clips Wired/Wireless Microphone C


LUNCA Microphone Desktop Stand Clips Wired/Wireless Microphone C

Product description

1. Chuck material: ABS hard plastic
2. Applicable: microphone with diameter 20MM--38MM
3. Bracket screw: 3/8, 5/8 interface
4. Applicable occasions: hosting, meeting, KTV
5. Weight: 50g

LUNCA Microphone Desktop Stand Clips Wired/Wireless Microphone C

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